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A mystery illness continues to threaten the lives of dogs in the U.K with deaths and cases reported in the New Forest area, Cornwall, Surrey, Worcestershire, Monmouthshire and County Durham. Around thirty dogs have now died from this awful illness and dog owners are understandably very concerned.

It appears the dogs died of kidney failure. Initially signs were wounds or lesions appearing on the face or limbs, followed by vomitting and eventually leading to kidney failure. However one case of a lovely young three year old dog, reported that the back legs gave way; there were no signs of lesions.

Tests have been conducted on water and soil, but it remains a mystery at this time as to what is causing the illness, which is being called Alabama Rot.

The Forestry Commission has posted information on visiting forest areas and local veterinary surgeon website Anderson Moores  provides updates on the disease.

Some advice offered which may help prevention is to wash dogs after every walk, using clean, fresh, running water. Pay close attention to washing feet and legs. Dry thoroughly so that dogs do not lick themselves dry.

More information and maps available from the Forestry Commission click here

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